Silence of The Mountain – Poem

Silence of The Mountain

In the silence of the mountain, I find solitude

The morning’s crisp air fills my lungs with freshness

And increases my good attitude


The silence is so quiet, it’s almost itself a sound

I close my eyes and listen real hard

I began to hear nature and within it, I am found


I’m left alone in my thought

Many things I do think

I think about the good, the bad and the things I have fought


In the silence of the mountain, I feel my heart increase

As I give thanks for the beauty that surrounds me

And write how I feel as that’s what gives me peace


I hear flowing water and it does beckon to me

I sit on a rock and watch the water it does flow

I gaze within and see my reflection and ask who is she?


I think about my dreams, goals and all those things that I do not know

The water ripples over the rocks as the thoughts do in my mind

The water continues and the thoughts continue to flow


I get up and move on this mountain journey I began

Wonder what’s ahead and the beauty to be found as

I hike up to the summit and again I do stand


In the silence of the mountain, my lips do smile

I feel so much peace that nature only can bring

The view is incredible and was worth that last mile


I know I now must go as the day is almost gone

But take one last deep breath

And look once more as the sun shines on me upon


Nature with me I do connect

It helps me to relax and sort out those paths I decide to take

I’m grateful for the space so beautiful it is, a place of peace and a place to reflect


In the silence of the mountain, with me I did bond and many thoughts recalled

I have felt the renewal of and wisdom it did bring

New determination and appreciation within me have been installed