White Rose…Dear White Rose

white rose

Here is a poem that goes with the story – The Garden

White Rose..Dear White Rose

What do you represent?

Why do I love you so?

Why when I smell your fragrance I cry white rose?

When I feel your soft petals I recall a soft touch

I hear a faint cry of my heart begging for love

Wanting to no longer only be a giver dear white rose

I am not wanting much I do not think

I just want to be appreciated

I want to be no longer a giver, but a sharer white rose

I see you in my garden

I hear a melody that plays in my heart

What does this mean dear white rose

I see your thorns and I’m reminded of the pain love can bring

I see your green leaves that give to you life

Where is my green leaves white rose

Every time I plant myself in fertile ground and start to grow

To blossom like you

I am ignored and uprooted dear white rose

I look to simply be nurtured but instead, I’m given shit as my fertilizer

It stinks and too much burns my leaves. Am I not good enough?

Do I ask too much? – reason tells me no white rose. 

I love Your beautiful white color; it reminds me of purity and simplicity 

I just need simple things

Just a simple caress.  A simple smile.  A simple I love you.  Dear white rose

I decided to finally just give up

To walk away from the garden

To just stop watering, fill in the fountains with cement and shut the gate behind me white rose

As I walked out of the garden I saw beautiful shiny armor

Something whispered from the garden behind the gate to put it on

So I did dear white rose

Each morning I reluctantly arose and put that armor on

I walked out my door with my head held high not looking back

With dreams of a new garden where you could bloom even more my white rose

Each night I returned, my armor was heavy so after taking it off 

I would collapse in my bed

But the smell of your sweet strong fragrance was present dear white rose

I’ve gotten to a point I no longer need the armor because my knight arrived

He is allowing me to patiently rebuild my garden

And it will be beautiful and of course, the first thing I will be planting is you white rose 

You represent past lives and love that is possible

Your fragrance smells like hope of the present and  what I can become

Your green leaves remind me of the positive nurturing soul of my knight

Your soil is equally balanced with all that is needed; all I longed for

A soil for me to blossom into the white rose my dear white rose.

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