Grab Bag


Back in November, I wrote the following: I remember as a little girl going into the five and dime store and there was a basket of stapled closed paper bags which I didn’t know what was inside of them. They called them grab bags. Sometimes I think life has grab bags. Lately, I have been feeling like I am so close to grabbing that bag and opening it. It as if I see the bag but just can’t get close enough to reach it. Sometimes I’m really excited to see what’s inside and sometimes I am scared as I’m afraid that i picked the wrong one and will be disappointed. Well I’ll let you know what it is when I open it. Wish me luck.

I’m here to say I wrote that and then decided to walk away from that basket because I feltĀ there was no use in taking one of those bags but God threw one that hit me in the back of the head. It has caused me to turn around, pick up the bag and peek inside. Guess what I found? So many things I wished for as a little girl were in the bag. I got to such a dark place last summer and during that time I sat down and wrote a dream list, cried and thought too bad these things are not mine to have. I figured maybe I was undeserving. Why do I tell myself these lies? Well it’s conditioning. The same conditioning I suspect many of you have had too. Now I find myself saying, is what I see for real? I find myself scared to fully look inside the bag and open it wide and pull out the gift. I find myself scared of accepting the unfamiliar and questionIng what is present in front of me. Isn’t this crazy?

I have spent a lifetime of mistakes and longing and now that it’s in front of me I say hey wait a minute this is my story and I haven’t written this chapter. Here is the lesson I am learning – it takes putting that story writing pen down that limits our story. Our story is written by so many things than just ourselves. For me, a Christian, I believe God lays out life’s stepping stones and says, if you trust and can step on to what looks like undeveloped ground, you may just be pleasantly surprised. We have to be willing to accept the uncomfortable that comes with the unfamiliar and try embracing something new until that becomes the new familiar. So in summary, we may be scared of trying new adventures but sometimes we just have to trust that inner voice that guides us. Open that bag, pull out and embrace the gift and just say thank you. This life I believe is to live, not to live in a cave hidden from wonderful blessings and gifts

Take the time today to write your dream list. Write it all down even those things you don’t think are possible because they are possible if you are willing to step out of that cave. Stand up for what you want, take a deep breath, and march forward….out of the cave into the beautiful life you deserve.

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