Metaphor for Life

The above photo I took coming home from a fantastic trip with friends. I love this photo and I’ll tell you why. I see more than a photo of a sunset, I see a metaphor for life. Here are a few thoughts:
I first saw the beautiful sunset and thought how cool…I’m riding into the sunset. I thought this is the way to live. I’m with friends I love, laughing and a full heart of happiness as I ride into the sunset. I then looked again at the photo and realized all the bugs smashed on the windshield. I started laughing and thought yep, that’s life. Just when you think life is great and you got it all figured out, life becomes unclear like the dirty windshield.
I thought of the country song, “The Bug”. The chorus says: “sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug”. Isn’t that the truth? Life is one long road trip. Sometimes we have that shiny clean windshield in which we see life clearly through and we feel unstoppable as we drive towards that beautiful sunset (our intended destination) then we drive around that blind curve and get blindsided (like the bug) by the unexpected and we feel smashed. So sometimes we are the windshield and sometimes we are the bug. It’s just life. Life isn’t easy. We all have our level of challenges. At least in my experience just when I think I have it all figured out…wham! I become the smashed bug.
I think of a quote that goes something like this: God doesn’t give us anything more than we can handle but I think he has more faith in me than I do in myself. This is how I feel at times. I think you got to be kidding me…I already mastered this struggle (or at least I thought so) but here I am again with the same mistake, disappointments, fears, pain and tears. Luckily, the windshield doesn’t stay dirty forever. We go through periods of darkness, defeat, and sadness but there will be an upside as long as we have faith and hang in there. So grab the windshield cleaning solution, clean off the windshield and keep on driving friends until the sun sets on our lives having experienced all we could here and leaving with a smile on our face.

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