Welcome to Jen Talks To You. I decided sometime this past year to let down my walls. This included writing. Writing about my life, who I am and what I’m thinking about as I journey through life.  This was not an easy thing for me as I have spent most of my life as a private person. I hope in this process I will be able to share something with you, my reader, that will help spark something inside of you and in the process heal many things inside of myself. Enjoy!

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About Jen

So who is this Jen that is talking to you?  Well, I am a simple woman, with many thoughts and ideas swarming in my head like a busy beehive.  I have been a wife, a divorcee, a single mom, and a step-mom.  I love getting to know people as I believe there is something to learn from everyone.  I find human behavior fascinating and find myself more interested in a person’s motivation behind his or her behavior vs. the behavior itself.

I live in Boise, Idaho where I enjoy the beautiful outdoors.  I love hiking, mountain biking, kayaking and breathing fresh mountain air.  While I’m not busy writing thoughts, poems or adventuring outdoors, I am working as an Operations Director for a psychiatric clinic in which we currently have 22 providers.  My 22+ years working in the mental health industry has helped me to understand human behavior so much clearer.  The saying, “you can’t judge a book by its cover” is so true.  As I have gotten to know the inside story of many individuals, I have learned all people have troubles and struggle especially the ones you never thought did.  I believe most people struggle with the desire to just be heard and seen.  I hope you will feel seen and heard as you share your comments and stories with me as I share mine with you along with poems I write.

This blog is about coming together, letting life know it’s time to step aside because we got things to do! Pressing forward through the hard times and smiling during the good.  It’s about finding positivity in a world that often rather talk about the negative.

Don’t be shy…contact me, share your thoughts, or pose a question.  I look forward to adding you to my list of friends.  See ya online. – Jen

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Contact Jen

If you ever have anything you would like to share or ask, please feel free to contact me as sharing thoughts with me helps to inspire my passion to write.  Thank you. – Jen

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This is where you will find my thoughts about the life’s journey.

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